What we offer

We provide cross-industry Strategic Intelligence, Strategic Advisory Services on Digital Health and IoE, Evidence-Based Investment Insights (EBII) and Fundraising Services across industries and geographies.

Our main clients are leading organizations from the following industries: Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, Consumer Healthcare, Health and Wellness, Renewable Energy, Internet and Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and Construction.

We also work closely with Hedge Funds, Private Equity houses, Venture Capital firms, Private / Angel investors and Startups / Entrepreneurs, providing timely and actionable research and insights.

For more information please contact us at info@lqventures.com.

LucidQuest Intelligence

Strategic Intelligence Services for companies across industries and geographies

We use primary and secondary research and conference coverage to provide evidence-backed insights and recommendations to our clients, enabling them to differentiate in terms of their market offerings.

A dedicated division within LucidQuest specialises in the Pharma / Biotechnology and Healthcare space and provides support through all stages of product development and marketing (preclinical and clinical, pre- and post-launch, P&R and market access, LCM), across traditional (respiratory, cardiovascular, oncology, inflammation, neurology, vaccines etc.) and emerging (gene and cell therapy) areas.

For more information please contact us at info@lqventures.com.

LucidQuest Digital

Research and advisory services in Digital Healthcare, m-Health, e-Health, Internet of Everything

We partner with leading Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare companies and consultancy firms, providing strategic research and advisory services in the rapidly evolving space of Digital Healthcare.

Innovative digital strategies, whether in mHealth, wearables or cloud / EHR, have become a prerequisite for healthcare firms who look to become future-ready. Such strategies are expected to be increasingly implemented in the years to come and ultimately shape the way future healthcare will be delivered.

With direct access to a large network of experts in the Digital Healthcare area and strong in-house expertise, we support our clients with targeted, forward-looking research (trend identification) and competitive landscape analysis (including early warning signal detection and trade show coverage).

For more information please contact us info@lqventures.com.

LucidQuest Ventures

Evidence-based Investment Insights (EBII)

We work with hedge funds, private equity houses, venture capital firms and private investors.

We combine our in-house and our network's scientific and commercial expertise with up-to-date evidence-based insights, in order to formulate viable investment analyses and propositions for our clients.

From uncovering hidden investment opportunities and identifying emerging investment trends, to supporting a due-diligence process with crucial intelligence, LucidQuest Ventures can provide timely and insightful recommendations.

For more information please contact us info@lqventures.com.

LucidQuest Capital

Fundraising Services

We can help entrepreneurs and companies who seek the all-important capital to kick-start or grow their venture by connecting them with potential investors from our extensive network of contacts.

For more information please contact us at info@lqventures.com.

"We had some blindspots which we were not even aware of. LucidQuest not only pointed them out but also suggested doable strategies to avoid being in this position in the future."

Director, Pharma

"It is always somewhat of a guess with new technologies. Fortunately the experts at LucidQuest not only understand the science but they also give you an accurate view of what is going on. It certainly makes your decision much easier..."

Investment Manager, VC firm

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with advanced degrees and more than 50 years combined expertise in strategic and competitive intelligence, healthcare / pharma consulting and investment opportunity assessment.
We operate on a global scale, using our in-house resources and dedicated partners and associates, ensuring optimum coverage and support for our clients.
If you want to speak to us about being part of our team, please contact us at info@lqventures.com.

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